By request onlyinstant mobile customer engagement
Engage consumers with rich mobile media faster than ever before.

Your company’s message can be a simple text, banner ad, promotional flyer, or anything that can be distributed through SMS or MMS messaging.

In fact, your message can contain up to 15 points of interaction between you and your customer with endless possibilities.

integrate TENiFY into social media for on-demand promotional offers
text APPETIZER for FREE appetizers at Joe’s Pub this Saturday!
highlight TENiFY as part of your existing campaign to change promos on-the-go
uext NAILS to receive a FREE gift when you shop at the department store!
use TENiFY to provide on-demand added value for limited periods of time
text LEASE to 590-590 for move-in specials!
use TENiFY as a virtual assistant to provide customer service & support.
don't wait on hold for customer service, text SUPPORTNOW to speak with us!
use TENiFY to administer survey or other customer engagement opportunities
text CUSTOMER- SATTISFACTION to receive our easy survey and be entered to win a $500 gift certificate!
FREE CUSTOM KEYWORD & UNLIMITED DISTRIBUTION. Exclusive offer for a limited time. TENiFY can send any text or image of your choice to your customers. No hidden fees or monthly service charge.
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more powerfulmobile marketing
TENiFY mobile marketing is targeted to your demographic

Mobile Marketing with Better Engagement
we are taking mobile marketing to the next level. Our platform allows your brand to live in the most information rich content communication platform ever. If you can create it, we can send it!

TENiFY is easy to implement into all your marketing

Mobile Marketing Made Easy – Nothing to Install
TENiFY is the mobile-native platform that requires no app to install. If your customer has a cell phone, they can receive TENiFY's messages.

TENiFY helps maximize your marketing budget

Mobile Marketing Focused on Your Bottom Line
TENiFY allows you to pay for marketing only to the people that are interested in hearing about your company. The customer always initiates the conversation, so they are never receiving unwanted messages. You will never waste a marketing dollar on TENiFY.

when your customer texts the chosen keyword to 590-590, they are opting in to receive one on demand message from your company at that particular point in time. You never have to set up a list, ask for an opt-in or provide any kind of administration. It is all done seamlessly and in an instant.